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Autotestgeräte Leitenberger

Analysis kit for sampling/quality testing of AdBlue®

Analysis kit for sampling/quality testing of AdBlue®

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  • For taking and evaluating AdBlue ®* samples of the urea-water solution from the tank
  • Measurement options:
    • Concentration of AdBlue ® solution
    • Contamination of the AdBlue ® solution by diesel fuel
  • Long storage times cause a gradual decomposition of the AdBlue ® solution
  • The quality of the AdBlue ® solution can be assessed using the refractometer.
  • An adjustable eyepiece allows adjustment to the user’s visual acuity
  • The result is easy to read from the light-dark line
  • The oil test strips can be used to detect diesel fuels in the AdBlue ® solution
  • Article number: AEKP 09_LR ( 061211_1 )
    • 1 Refractometer RFM 03_%_AB
    • 1 pipette
    • 1 box of oil strips (100 test strips)
    • Delivered in a sturdy plastic case

* AdBlue ® is a registered trademark of VDA eV Association of the German Automotive Industry

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