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Denoxtronic service set (DeNOx 2.1 and 2.2)

Denoxtronic service set (DeNOx 2.1 and 2.2)

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  • For quick, safe and professional testing and diagnosis of injection quantity, injection pressure, spray pattern and various visual inspections
  • Suitable for vehicles and diesel engines with urea injection system Denoxtronic 2.1 and 2.2 (Bosch), e.g. in trucks, construction, forestry and agricultural machines as well as industrial plants
  • For cleaning and rinsing the system and components with tap water and distilled water
  • Testing AdBlue® for mineral oil contamination
  • All individual parts are available as spare parts
  • Application examples:
    • Function test SCR system
    • Delivery pressure measurement
    • Spray pattern check
    • Dosage quantity measurement
    • Visual inspection in the line circuit
    • Flushing and cleaning the delivery module and the metering valve with distilled water
    • Dissolving crystal accumulations
    • Line flushing with garden hose connection
    • Cleaning contaminated AdBlue® tanks
    • Oil detection in AdBlue®
    • Operating the vehicle with AdBlue® from a canister “tank replacement operation”
  • Article number: AEKP 08_LR ( 061209_2 )
    • 2x adapter hose Sys.7.89/9.49
    • 1x pressure test unit 0-16 bar
    • 1x precision scale EMB-1 BE
    • 1x measuring cylinder 250 ml
    • 1x adapter Gardena to Sys.9.49
    • 1x adapter Gardena to Sys.7.89
    • 1x extension Sys.7.89 - 1 m
    • 1x electrical cable
    • 1x connection Sys.7.89 - 1 m
    • 1x oil test paper 907 60
    • 1x lock Sys.9.49
    • 1x lock Sys.7.89
    • 2x protective cap, black system 7.89 mm
    • 4x protective cap, yellow system 9.49 mm
    • 1x pump unit
    • 1x container
    • 1x connecting hose Sys.9.49
    • 2x extension Sys.9.49 - 2 m
    • 1x Y connector
    • 1x Adapter Sys. 9.49; L=100
    • 1x plastic case including foam insert

*AdBlue® is a registered trademark of VDA eV, Association of the German Automotive Industry.

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