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Hand tire inflator

Hand tire inflator

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Our hand-held tire inflator is the ideal tool for any workshop that relies on precise and reliable workflows. Manufactured in Germany, this device enables precise measurement and adjustment of tire pressure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precision inflation : Thanks to the easy-to-read pressure gauge, you can precisely adjust the air pressure of your tires. The precise measurements help to extend the life of the tires and optimize fuel consumption.
  • Robust construction : The pressure gauge is protected by a special rubber coating that protects it from everyday bumps and knocks in the workshop.
  • Comfortable handling : The ergonomic handle with operating lever allows one-handed operation for efficient filling and emptying of the tires. This saves time and increases comfort while working.
  • High-quality material : The robust hose is equipped with a torque plug nipple, which guarantees a quick and secure connection.
  • Nickel plating on the handle : The high-quality nickel plating on the handle not only improves durability and corrosion resistance, but also gives the tool an attractive finish.
  • Practical hanging : An integrated hanging device in the handle allows for easy and tidy storage.
  • Technical specifications : With a measuring range of 0 to 10 bar and a fine division of 0.1 bar, our hand tire inflator enables extremely precise pressure control.
  • Rely on our hand-held tire inflator for precise and long-lasting performance in everyday workshop use. Choose quality "Made in Germany" for optimal tire care and safety.
  • Article number: HVR 01 (130403)

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