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Hydraulic digital pressure gauge with data logger and battery 0...250 bar

Hydraulic digital pressure gauge with data logger and battery 0...250 bar

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The digital pressure gauges of the DM 80 product family are suitable for digital measurement and display of pressures in hydraulic systems, especially for oil and water. Depending on the model, the devices can display current measured values ​​as well as min and max values ​​with an accuracy of 0.5% of the full scale value.

The DM 80 digital manometers in the UMS version are equipped with an internal data memory. A measurement started on the measuring device is automatically saved in the internal data memory in the universal .csv file format. The measurement data can then be transferred to the PC using the mini USB cable provided. The device appears to the PC as a USB data storage device, so no additional software is required to transfer the data. The data can therefore be easily exported to Microsoft Excel®, for example.

The DM 80 digital pressure gauges are very robust, reliable, long-term stable and easy to use. In addition, the digital pressure gauges have an integrated high-performance battery and allow the pressure readings to not only be displayed but also saved.

  • Delivery time after ordering: approx. 4 weeks
  • Stainless steel measuring cell
  • Display with bar graph and peak value display
  • Accuracy ± 0.5 % FS
  • Min/Max display
  • high long-term stability
  • Rotatable display approx. 330 ° with backlight
  • easy-to-read display with 16 mm digit height
  • Thread G 1/2 B other pressure connections and measuring ranges available on request
  • State-of-the-art electronics with high-performance battery (battery up to approx. 10 hours)
  • Integrated data storage
  • Easy data processing with USB
  • No complex software, output of a .csv file
  • Supplied as standard with 3-point factory calibration certificate
  • Simple and quick, yet high-quality target-actual analysis of the system pressure
  • Made in Germany
  • Certified quality
  • Article number: DM 80_UMS_0/250bar_LR ( 041995_1 )
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