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Compression/engine pressure loss tester petrol/diesel engines Bluetooth®

Compression/engine pressure loss tester petrol/diesel engines Bluetooth®

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  • Fast, practical, digital and documentable - this is how workshops work today!
  • The compression and engine pressure loss tester DRV 05_BT* enables the recording of the compression pressure values ​​and the extended diagnosis of each individual cylinder or combustion chamber by determining the air outlet.
  • The degree of escape can be determined by supplying compressed air into the combustion chamber in a controlled manner.
  • The special device sensor enables quick assessment. If the value is not in the green range, the measured pressure loss is unacceptable.
  • Before carrying out the test, the “LR Smart Tools” app carries out a guided calibration to the workshop compressed air so that the maximum permissible pressure loss of the motor is set (-23%).
  • With the DRV 05_BT* from Autotestgeräte Leitenberger, the measured values ​​are then recorded and sent via Bluetooth® to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • The measurement data can be analyzed quickly and easily in a specially developed “LR Smart Tools” app and documented for customers.
  • The compression and engine pressure loss tester is compatible with all Leitenberg adapters and many other adapters available on the market
  • Advantages for the workshop
    • Measurement and immediate visualization and evaluation (“live data” transmission).
    • Data transfer to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.) via Bluetooth® technology.
    • Passing on the measurement results by sharing via PDF, email, airprint, etc.
    • Graphical evaluation and saving of the measured values ​​in a PDF document.
    • "One-man test" possible, ie actuate the starter and read the compression pressure or engine pressure losses at the same time.
    • Data transmission range approx. 15 m.
    • No consumables (such as print chart cards, paper rolls, etc.) due to the completely digital process.
    • These devices are intended to be operated exclusively within the EU. These devices are NOT approved for operation outside the EU.
    • The “LR Smart Tools” app is free for all users and can be downloaded for Android and IOS from the relevant stores (app for IOS from version 13, app for Android from version 8).
  • Article number: DRV 05_BT (041113_22)
    • Pressure loss meter
    • TDC adjustment tool
    • Pressure sensor (including factory calibration certificate WKZ 01) with Bluetooth communication
    • Charging cable
    • Operating instructions on USB stick
    • Stable case with matching foam insert
    • Free app

Compression pressure/combustion chamber adapter not included.

    * KP_BT 01_LR including DRV. SIG registration number D052140

    The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG. Inc. and are used by Autotestgeräte Leitenberger GmbH under license.

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