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Autotestgeräte Leitenberger

Refractometer with 4-fold scale and LED lighting

Refractometer with 4-fold scale and LED lighting

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  • Refractometer for determining the density of liquid media
  • Adjustable eyepiece for different prescriptions
  • Scales for different media
  • Switchable LED lighting for use in poor lighting conditions
  • The result can be easily read from the light/dark line
  • Scale for:
    • Battery acid density
    • AdBlue®*
    • for frost protection in the cooling water
    • for antifreeze in windshield wiper fluid
  • Article number: FT 2030 LED ( 110313_1 )
    • 1 refractometer with LED lighting
    • 1 sampling pipette
    • 1 instruction manual
    • Delivered in a sturdy plastic case

*AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the VDA, Association of the German Automotive Industry

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