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ATG Leitenberger

Vacuum box for emptying the SCR tank

Vacuum box for emptying the SCR tank

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  • For quick and safe extraction of AdBlue®* or for emptying the SCR tank in the vehicle.
  • Applications:
    • when changing the operating medium AdBlue®* (urea-water solution)
    • when changing defective components, e.g. SCR pump
  • The special design, the large storage volume of up to 10 liters, the integrated drain valve and the impact- and break-resistant plastic enable safe use both mobile and stationary.
  • A venturi nozzle connected to the workshop compressed air creates a negative pressure in the vacuum box. The evacuated box stores the vacuum, is separated from the workshop compressed air and can be used mobile.
  • The suction process takes place at the respective location by opening the inlet valve on the suction hose.
  • Article number: VB 01_AB ( 100801_5 )
    • 1 vacuum box 11 L with Venturi nozzle (can be coupled)
    • 1 transparent suction hose (can be coupled), length 2.50 m
    • Delivered in a box

*AdBlue® is a registered trademark of VDA eV, Association of the German Automotive Industry.

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