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Autotestgeräte Leitenberger

Hydraulic diagnostic device Flow rate 15...300 l/min

Hydraulic diagnostic device Flow rate 15...300 l/min

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  • For testing and diagnostic work in the hydraulic system.
  • For quick, precise and professional measurement of
    Volume flow/flow, pressure and temperature.
  • Can be used for mobile and stationary systems.
  • Measuring device with 2 measuring channels, display of 3 physical quantities per measuring channel (l/min; bar; °C):
    • Flow (0.5% of mv.): 15...300 l/min
    • Pressure (0.5% FS): 420 bar
    • Temperature (2% FS): 0…125 °C
  • Connection thread measuring block: G 1 1/4"
  • Incl. factory calibration certificate.
  • Handy housing with easy-to-use keyboard.
  • The integrated Li-ion battery guarantees a long running time and is rechargeable.
  • Save and log measured values ​​via USB interface
  • Clear, illuminated, easy-to-read display to avoid parallax errors.
  • Housing with easy-to-use keyboard.
  • Save and log measured values ​​via USB interface.
  • Item number: HD 01_Set_02 ( 041982_1 )
    • 1x measuring device
    • 1x measuring turbine/measuring block
    • 1x temperature sensor
    • 1x flow sensor
    • 1x pressure sensor
    • 1x charger
    • 1x USB stick

Note : Additional sensors with variable parameters available. Also available in versions 7.5...75 l/min and 40...600 l/min. We are happy to help !

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